Taxi Medical Examination

Taxi medical examinations are often required to assess a person’s fitness to drive taxis, rideshare vehicles like Uber and other transport services.

The team at Melbourne Occupational Health Services understands that these drivers provide a crucial service to the public and can assist with medical assessments for the following:

  • Taxi drivers
  • Chauffeur and limousine drivers
  • Private hire cars
  • Rideshare drivers
Taxi Medical Examination
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What’s involved in taxi medical examinations?

While these assessments are subject to change, taxi medical examinations typically aim to ensure drivers are medically fit to operate a vehicle on public roads. This can include things like eyesight, underlying health issues and general fitness.

Driver medical assessment form

In addition to taxi medical examinations, we offer assistance with driver medical assessment forms.

Whether working with an organisation’s internal forms and criteria and government standard driver medical assessment forms, we’re able to assist.

Medical Assessments are available for drivers of rideshare vehicles, such as Uber for driver and passenger safety

Melbourne Occupational Health Services is here to help

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